Content Marketing: A Refresher Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is about creating valuable content and user experience that ensures your visitors are able to accomplish the task they set out to complete. In a nutshell, its about crafting your content in such a way that it shows up as a best hit on the various search engines. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Actually, there’s an art (read: science) to making that happen the basic rules of which can be summed up as follows:

Quality Content

The first thing that you’d wish to make sure, before implementing an SEO strategy, is that the content put up on the website is not only one of a kind but the best of its kind as well. Knowledge of the business, targeted audience and the ultimate goal of the content all contribute towards the quality of the content. Just as everything else in life, it is the quality that finds its way to the top and everything else is a mere catalyst.

Keywords and Searcher’s Intent

The gist of SEO lies in understanding the searcher’s intent behind the search queries a visitor types (or says to) in Google. Hence, by keywords, we mean the words and sentences around which your content is created, and that will make the content show up as a top result on the search engines. For example, if the article is about wooden flooring then a clever use of a phrase like “cheap wooden flooring” and other similar phrases that are naturally used throughout the article will improve its readability manifold. As a rule of thumb, try to incorporate phrases that a potential reader of your article is likely to search on search engines. A great way to do that is to first create a buyer’s persona: a detailed bio of who your target audience is, and how you can serve them.

How This Works

An effective SEO strategy merges the clever use of keywords with quality content. Keywords help in getting more readers to your content, but whether the readers will actually read the content or not depends solely on the quality of it. For an effective strategy, well researched keywords need to be integrated into content that is full of quality.


Like everything else in life, timing is crucial when it comes to SEO. You need to publish your content when there is a need in the market for your business. For example, if you’re in the tourism business, when would it be best to go berserk with your strategy? During the holiday season, right? A strategy needs to be framed, keeping in mind the peak time of the business, to decide the time, platform and interval of publications. Go too hard and you might be characterised as a spammer; go too mild and you might fail leave potential customers untapped. Only with a competent strategy and sound timing can you find the right balance.


Tip For Protecting Your Content Marketing You Write


In today’s day and age, where the potential customers of almost every field have access to various online platforms, in one form or the other, the role of SEO has become pivotal. Whether it’s about creating a need in the marketing or promoting a product, digital marketing is pivotal for any marketing strategy and, at the heart of it is SEO.

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